Living Passionately

It is the possibilities of yesterday and the hope for tomorrow that keeps me living for today. I Enjoy living with passion, and I also enjoy seeking the source that fuels this passion. I dont enjoy complexed things, I am a simple kind of girl that lives extravagantly…LOL.. I like to believe that there is somehting greater than our own existence whether you call me naive or not. I am not afraid of dying, but the thought of death makes me want to live for something and someone…like GOD. Imagine all the possibilities of open and closed doors that life can convey, making our character stronger and complete. The windows and doors that unlock the chances to our lives, and the hope that one day there can be peace upon this earth. Or living a lifetime of purity and in a heartbeat endure pain. It is what it is that makes love and living so worthwhile. I’ll consume the simple smile of a child believing that it has the power to rejuvenate my soul, and acknowledge how an uncomplicated frown has the weight to strain all my muscles making laughter so much more enjoyable. I breath to rediscover the simplicities to life. I am a dreamer, a fighter, a wife, a lover, a mother, an artist, a poet, a worshiper, and a friend. I Live. but I do it extraordinarily well, so that everything that I am is reflected in everything that I do. With no regrets and in all HIS favor. My life is beautiful this way……………………………….

The Art of Being ME..

I’m stepping out of my ozone
and I’m layering out all my expectancies,
Traveling beyond my urgencies
while I keep my eye on the soft glow
of your horizon.

You’re rising and guiding my every move,
as you smooth out all the rough edges
and redefine my charateristics.
Making the integrity that I pronounce
have no partition, but brilliance and artistry
intwined together creating pure beauty.

You glisten upon my inevitable fate
evaporating all my mistakes, and shift me
towards the warmth of your glow.

You make my heart beat at such a pace,
giving life just a taste of what YOU created.

And so now I’m flowing to the rythym of your energy.
Pouring into life all that was given to me,
laughing my freedom into reality,
cause a queen is e v e r y t h i n g
who I was born to be…

weekend getaway

This past weekend the family and I went to Orlando to getaway for the weekend. My mother moved to Orlando about 7 years ago so it was good to hang with her and my grandparents. I went with the intention to relax and take it easy, but after speaking with my mother Thursday night I became completely devoted to my mothers needs and not my own. She was sharing with me of how tired she is from work, how overwhelming it is to take care of her parents, and how time consuming it is to clean the house and the pool to the point where she has no time for herself. After she and I spoke I went to bed determined to help in which ever way I can…sooooooo….I woke up early Friday morning and decided to clean her house before she came home from work to surprise her. I wanted to give her a break so that for once she can have a weekend for herself and not have to clean or cook. Now that was my plan, h o w e v e r, things never go as plan. My mother came home early to catch me in the act…..and well you guess it….she started to help. My mom is an amazing woman. If you ever get to meet her and hear her story, you will be amazed of how she is still standing and persevering. She made my childhood kind of difficult, and she can get on my nerves in many ways, but she is my hero by far.
Saturday she took us to Sears and bought us new tires for our truck, bought me new cloths, and Jesse a pair of Diesel Jeans…AAAGGGHHHH. The weekend getaway came to an end pretty quickly but before we left my mothers fiance told us to take a route back to Homestead to avoid the tolls….ROUTE 27. All I can say is..WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO TAKE A LONG ROUTE (LIKE ROUTE 27) BACK HOME THAT CAN NORMALLY TAKE 4 HOURS BUT INSTEAD IT TAKES YOU 5 HOURS….that is absurd. Nonetheless, we made it home in one piece. Overall, my weekend getaway was FABULOUS….

la unica rEiNa


I am trying to get use to this whole blogging scene! I kind of find it hard to write OUT LOUD my thoughts and whatever else you are suppose to write on these things. Nonetheless, I do enjoy sharing. So to recap this past weekend, as you may have read on Jesse page already, the weekend was fabulous, we did absolutely nothing…and that was GREAT.

I had bible study last night with our youth, and we started a series called REWIRED. Rewired is basically a teen worldview curriculum. It’s a study that allows student to look outside the box and view the world through a biblical perspective, and how young people can percieve and live through it. It challenges them to think before they speak or how to react towards situations in their lives…especially as believers. Our teenagers our being attacked in so many different angles in their lives. Statistics show an increase in drug use, sexual engagement, pregancy, abortions, suicide, depression, hate/violence, and pornagraphy. Our younger generation are being eaten alive. These young kids are forced everyday to defend themselves from gang violence to peer pressure. It is our job to teach them, guide them, and lead them to a promising future. A portion of my youth find it difficult to trust and believe. The other portion believe that if it weren’t for Christ in their lives they would not be able to make it through life itself, and then there is your portion that are so caught up in the world and believe that they can write the story to their own lives, taking it out of the authors hands. REWIRED raises the question of…How are Christian teens going to act differently in a culture if they think and believe in the same thing that the rest of the world believe in? How can we change these statistics if our young teenagers our going the same way the current is flowing? They are not taught to fight against the current, to swim upstream, to be different and shine. WHEN THE TEENS VIEW ON THE WORLD CHANGE, SO WILL THEIR ACTIONS. I pray and hope that they learn something out of this. I hope that they can begin to view the world through the eyes of Christ and not their own, and that they alone can change the statistics of a dying world.

La Unica Reina

Hello world!

After 4 months, 2 days and about 7 hours, we’ve finally settled into our home here in Homestead. I must admit, it has been a little difficult getting adjusted to Florida, but overall I think I”ve handled myself well. Diego and Jesse are a breathtaking gift from God. My cup overflows with an ambundance of love that they both pour into me. I miss my family back home (thats a given) but the families that have embrace us here have definitely made us feel at home. (You know who you are)
4 Months is alot to recap, but what I can tell you is that this journey has been a life changing, and worthwhile experience, one in which I would not change for anything in the world. God shows Himself strong in our lives almost every second of each day. WE ARE BLESSED and WE ARE READY for what God has in stored for our family. The Santoyo’s are here, and we are here to stay…or at least until God tells us our next move.

yours truly
la unica rEinA