It has been awhile ( – :

Hello to all my dear friends who have been sitting alone in the dark corner awaiting for my next blog. It has been awhile! Don’t really have a reason why I haven’t blogged, because really Reina always has something to say. To start off, not much has changed, I have been trying to lose weight and tone up, and lets just say that the process is going rather s l o w l y…but I am seeing results. My amazing husband is still amazing, and my adorable son Diego is still incredibly aborable……..but he is becoming more and more active.
Right now I am in Orlando staying a week with my mom. Truthfully I’m bored to death. Nonetheless, I love being here with my mother and keeping her entertained. My grandparents are old…lol…but they are hilarious expecially my grandfather, and I have a cousin here from Puerto Rico in whom I have not seen since I was 7.

Stay Tuned and I will keep you updated with much more of my thoughts, writings, and life.


La Unica Reina