The Verdict is in….

With 7 “nays,” 4 “yays,” 1 “in between,” and 1 “mullet,”  the verdict is in.  NO HAIR CUT FOR BABY DIEGO.  The curls stay, and Diego wil remain cute and adorable even on his “hott mess days.”  Thank you to all who shared their thoughts and opinions.  Some, I must say, where straight forward, and some were deep and profound, but all were appreciated.  So again, thank you and God Bless.

La Unica Reina


I opened my blog page today and I looked at the picture that I put up of my son, and realize that he looks like a hott mess.  Jesse and I have discussed whether or not should we cut his hair.  I dont think either of us have come up with a conclusion. So we can use your help.  All in favor of cutting Diegos’ hair say “YAY,” and all in favor of not having it cut and just let it grow out, say “NAY.”  The fate of Diegos’ hair falls on YOU.

La Unica Reina

Letting out my frustration

I am sure most moms could relate with me on this particular subject.  I dont know if its me or my son Diego that is becoming more and more aggresive as the days go by.  He throws himself on the floor every time I say “no dont touch that,” or better yet, “Don’t put your hands in there that’s caca.”  Its funny sometimes to see him go through various stages in his life, a process thats inevitable on his part.  But OH HOW I CRINGE when he starts his random tantrums and the child is not even 2 yet.  I dont want to begin to imagine what’s to come in the near future when those terrible 2’s approach.  Although he cries and wimpers he is still and always will  be my baby boy, and I will always no matter how upset he may get me, and how badly I want to rip my eyebrows off my face due to frustration, I will always love him.  I understand more each passing day that he is a blessing in my life.  He teaches me patience, understanding, compassion, and love every passing hour.  And though I have only 1 child, everyday is long, and exhausting, and every moment is adventurous and worthwhile. I tip my hat to those mommies that have a full load like Kelly and Annie.  I have much to learn.  I have a ways ahead of me, and I will take those days as a challenge, a growth, an adventure, and as an opportunity.

la Unica Reina

Okay I’m back….seriously:-|

Okay, well I know that I have said this before, but this time I’m serious…I AM…So for those who have been sitting in the dark, lost and alone, wallowing in their self-pity, do not fret no longer for I have returned to the world of blogging. So put on your party hats and those dancing shoes and join me as I venture off into the mad world of blogging.  New beginnings require new material, and I have plenty of everything.

Keep an eye out for “Fridays with the Santoyo’s” its a home-based reality show that my innovative husband came up with.  At first I must say I hated it, that’s because Jesse (my husband) tries to catch me at my worst most of the time…lol.. but it has grown on me and I really look forward to it every Friday.  This is a great opportunity to see the good, the bad, and the ugly… and most of the time THE UGLY.


So, stay tuned and enjoy more to come, I PROMISE….

la unica reina