Just this Past Weekend….

This past Sunday Jesse was invited to lead worship at our friends church in Miami Lakes.  Our friend Benny Salas and his wife have been in the works in opening up a location that would enable them to establish a relationship with their community by being innovative and ground breaking.  “Freedom Culture” is different, but that is what makes this organization stand out.  Their goal is to reach out to the church and unchurch community, and to create a mulit-ethnic urban vibe for those who are afraid of what most people consider “church.”  They meet at a cafe every other week and bring simple, mind grasping, life changing messages.  Jesse was honored to have been asked to lead worship on their kick off day.  Thank you Benny and Sharon for having us, and we will keep you and Freedom Culture in our prayers.

La Unica Reina

Being Sick Really Sucks!!!!

For almost 2 weeks now, the Santoyo’s have been dealing with a cold virus that seems to never want to part ways with us.  First, Diego (my poor baby) started with the snuffles and runny nose, then he had excessive diarrhea, you know the kind that spills out of the diaper onto his legs and eventually on your hand…yeah…well to say the least, he also had the inescapable ear infection that most children get during a common cold, ON BOTH EARS.  So of course me being the amazing and nurturing mother that I am, came to his rescue.  I did what every other mother does during these dark stages, I kept him hydrated, I tried feeding him, although he didn’t have much of an appetite, and I watch his temperature and gave him Tylenol whenever it went up.  After 4 days of very little progress, I decided to make a doctors appointment.  The doctors offices are always fun.  Here I am sitting in a waiting room with other sick little kids sneezing and coughing and spreading there viruses and germs back and forth to each other. You’ve got to love it.  After seeing the doctor and hearing the bad news that Diego had an ear infections in both his ears, he prescribed Amoxicillin, an antibiotic that helps rid the infection.

I did everything in my power to keep myself from getting sick.  That plan went down the drain when I woke up early Monday morning with aching muscles, soar throat ,and the infamous stuffy nose.  I can’t figure out how I got threw each day with Diego being sick and myself as well.  Juanita (my adopted niece/daughter) helped when she could and so did Jesse, but it still was exhausting and overwhelming.

Now, Diego is doing great and I am still washing this cold out of me, but now Jesse is starting to feel the beginning symptoms of this lingering virus .  He’s been complaining about his throat being soar and his muscles aching.  I believe his immune system is much stronger and durable than mine.  In 4 days tops he’s better and I’m going on 9 days and still trying to flush this out of my system.  Being sick really sucks.