The Highs and Lows of Being Pregnant!

Well I must say I am elated to hear the recent news that Iam having another boy.  I love being a mom and most of all I love being pregnant.  There are times where it can kick my butt, but this intimate time with the new baby is something only a mother who has experience birth and labor can relate to.  From the hormones bouncing all over the place, to the constant butterfly movements within my growing belly is something more then a phenomenon of God’s own creation.  I am truly blessed!

However,  yesterday I had a bit of a scare.  About mid-afternoon, I got up from my chair to assist one of my colleague’s and a sharp pain came over my lower abdomen.  With a combination of some Braxton Hicks and these sharp needle like pains, I swear I thought I was going into pre-labor.  Did I mention this Thursday I will make 24week!  So to say the least, I tried not to panic and I just called my Dr. to see what this pain was and should I be concern.  Of course with my doctors’ office being located in the city of Homestead,  no one returned my call to address my concern.  So after 2 hours of feeling the constant discomfort I called again, low and behold they said the message that I left was never relayed to my Dr…….typical.  The receptionist said to just come in so that he can see me himself.  So I grabbed my keys, turned my computer off, and clocked out.

Leaving my job around 3pm was nice, however, the emotional and the psychological drama I put myself through from my job to Homestead (Downtown Miami U of M Campus) was a bit climactic.  I invisioned the scariest scenario, from just feeling pains, to thinking I was going to give birth before it was time, to me losing the baby, to me having a funeral, to going into a deep depressed state in my life and never recovery all within the hour of my drive from work to my doctors office.  I literally had to stop myself from crying and start praying.  When my mind wonders off like that (with my creative imagination) I can either think the best and sometimes the worst.  

When I walked into my doctors office the receptionist said that she thinks it could be “round ligament pains.”   I was like, “say what?”  After a pelvic check, urine test (to rule out a urine infection) and other stomach exams, the verdict was in….”round ligament pains.”  Apparently RLP is common in the 2nd trimester and can often be confused with early labor pains.  A RLP is generally referred to a brief sharp, stabbing pain or a long lasting dull cramping pain that is felt in the lower abdomen or groin area.  I am happy to say that I did not go into early labor and my panic attacks subsided.

I continued to feel the pain all night following through the next morning, but the pain was not as intense as it was yesterday.  I am back at work, and taking it easy as instructed by my doctor.  I swear I feel a bit overwhelmed with this pregnancy comparing it to my first.  I remember having more energy and flexibility with Diego then I do with this baby.  I guess that comes with old age…lol.  But, if you ask me will I do this again, and my response will be, “in a heartbeat,” inspite the highs or lows of each pregnancy.

Be Blessed

La Unica Reina

Missing HIM…..

My husband “Jesse” left on the 2nd of March to Cambodia and will not return until the 20th, and I am missing him like crazy.  He is doing amazing things with his music and TSP.   I am so proud of him.  He inspires me to be a better person and to go after my dreams.  I don’t know exactly what God has in stored for us, but what I do know and believe is that it will be far more then I could imagine.  This morning we spoke and he somehow convinced me to meet him in Nashville TN for the Winterfest that he will performing at.  We are truly blessed and I can’t wait to see him.  I am leaving Diego behind (in case you are wondering) just me and daddy.  It will be good for our souls.  We need some time away from everything and everydody (no offense to all my beautiful friends).  But my husband and I have not had a weekend alone since September of last year, so I think it is safe to say we DESERVE IT.