To Whom it May Concern!

I don’t know what it was about my childhood that influenced me to swim against the current. Even before Christ burst into my life, I knew deep down in my heart there was a larger plan. I grew up in a very rough neighborhood where everyday I had to defend myself either verbally or physically. I lived in a house that was loud and violent. It was my mother, my father, and my 4 older brothers that made my house a riot. I have great childhood memories, and I have bad ones that marked my life resulting into some bad decisions.  As crazy as it may sound, I would not have traded shoes with anyone else in the world, but I can’t help but ask is this what God intended to happen in my life?

My father left when I was about 12 and then moved to Puerto Rico when I was 15. After he had left he took a bit of my soul with him.  I rarely saw him and he rarely kept in contact with me.  Those days were very dark days in my life, as well as pivotal crossroads.  My mother was left to raise 5 kids and she slaved away to make ends meet.  I remember when we didn’t have enough money for food, so my mother would always come up with some clever way to prepare dinner that kept us from starving. There were times when the heat bill wasn’t paid on time in the middle of winter resulting it to be cut off, and yet I can’t remember a single moment where we lacked warmth.

God has a funny way of showing his grace and master plan.  The rollercoaster’s that I’ve endured doesn’t come from a lack of food or deficient heat, but instead it comes from a deeper soul searching place.  This much is true, I may not have come from a perfect family but I am grateful for them.  Though in many ways it was dysfunctional, it is part of my past and is some ways part of who I am today.

I have taken those successful moments and failed moments of my past and allowed it to shape my character.  I was taught at a very young age to remember who I am and where I came from; otherwise, I won’t know where I am going.  Everything that I have gone through, the good, the bad and the ugly, has shaped and molded my character to be a strong and courageous woman.  I can look back now and have no regrets because every situation that I have endured has only contributed to the way of think, and into a person of great stature.

Someone once said, “Attitude is the way you mentally look at the world around you. It is how you view your environment and your future. It is the focus you develop toward life itself.”  There’s one thing that I have learned through out the years and that is change comes from the inside out. My attitude towards life is more vibrant and lucid than ever before, all because I am accessible to change.  My husband and children add to that fuel that ignites this passion within me. It is because of them that I feel I can accomplish anything and everything I put my mind to.  Despite of where I came from, I know where I want to go as an artist and as a designer. My personality and character is reflected in the art I create, and I can’t help but express my history through it as well.  Until Next Time…

La Unica Reina

Arms Wide Open!!!!

I am living my life to the fullest.  My perspective on my future is not so fuzzy anymore.  I have come a long way from what I use to be to who I am now and I am loving every moment of it.  Every experience, and I mean every experience, the good and the ugly has brought me to this serene moment in my life.  Its funny how much we can learn from our past mistakes and how they can ironically lead us to golden opportunities.  It feels good to acknowledge the feeling that my heart is expressing right now.  My arms are wide open ready to embrace what the future holds, and I am so ready to embark on this scary, yet much anticipated adventure.  I hope to share every story, and adventure with all my readers.  I also truly hope that I can inspire people to live without fear, think the unthinkable, and experience the eternal.  I stand here today writing to you because of someone else before me inspired me to live outside the box.  Those people have forever left an imprint on my life, and I will always be grateful to them.  Now it is my turn to pass the baton and challenge men and woman to live there life extraordinarily.  Live your life with arms wide open and challenge your heart to love unconditionally. Until next time my dear friends…

Live Without Fear

Think the Unthinkable

And Change the World

La Unica Reina

In the Pursuit of….

I began my career endeavors in my hometown by attending Columbia College in Chicago.  I was pursuing an Art History degree. As my studies continued, I began to realize I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted to.  Coming from a not so supportive family of the Arts, I was a bit discouraged and it reflected academically.  I took a break from school and I sought for a 9 to 5 job. In doing so, I kind of let life just pass me by.   Three year ago I began to realize what my talent and passion was. It has been part of my life as long as I can remember.  To be honest my first passion is people, and then there is the arts.  In my earlier years, I never stopped to acknowledge my strong interest in design. I have always looked at something or someone and saw it’s potential.  Whether it is a frame, a color, or an object, I have always sought for something more. I am fascinated with walking into a room and helping it find it’s distinct character by way of design. I often make things at home, from paintings, to home decorations and I take joy in even having to nail something new to the walls at home. After coming to this realization I decided I needed to find the right school that could help develop this passion into a professional artistic career. To acknowledge this, and it having the full potential to becoming something incredible that will simply add to my life excites me.

I have chosen to study interior design because it’s a larger scale of a blank canvas.  My mind orchestrates so many ideas, colors, and shapes, that a single canvas sometimes cannot obtain.  I can close my eyes and visually see an entire room at its fullest potential.  I just don’t know how to cultivate it into reality.  I need the knowledge, the skills, and the tools to make this vision come to life.  I feel and believe interior design can and will help me convey my visions and my ideas.

It is beyond words to express how important it is for me to go back to school and learn from the best to become a great artist and make a difference in peoples lives through design.  I look back at the time I stepped away from school, I don’t frown or regret it, but I have acknowledge that it was a season in my life that ultimately lead me here.

I am pursuing my dream not only for me but also for my 2 boys and my husband, whom I cherish with all my heart. They are behind me 100%.  I want my boys to look back and see that in spite of all the obstacle I have endured, that their Mom pursued her dreams, and that they will understand when they get older that they too can do anything they put their hearts to, and nothing is impossible when you put your heart into it.

So just as an advise, don’t let people belittle you, or undermine you because you have yet to get a “degree”.  But instead, rise above their ignorance, and be who you are and believe in what you want to do.  It is never too late to go back to school and pursue your dreams.   I have come across people in my life that they don’t have a single clue with what they want to do with their lives, so they will either bring you down with them into their misery, because misery loves company.  Instead, rise above that and pursue your dreams even if it is a bit out of reach at the moment, just remember every step you take gets you closer to your dreams.  I have taken my steps and I hope that I can encourage you to take yours.  Until next time my dear friends…

“Hasta La Victoria”

La Unica Reina

Starting to Blog Again….

I am not the greatest writer in the world, I know this, but I feel an urgency at times to write what I feel and think.  Most of the time its just pure nonsense, but then there are those moments where I want people to press the pause button to their lives and listen and read to what I have to say about the ugly truth that I have come face to face with. I will write about beauty and reality, about hate and haters, about art and music, about 3 very important people in my life, and my most recent discovery, interior design.  I will write about everything that applies to my life that’s in my life that makes up who Reina really is.   You are familiar with the saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ and there is truth in that.  Everyone’s idea of beauty is different – each person sees beauty in different ways. As I begin to blog again you will see my view on beauty in a different way.

So I hope you read and enjoy.  And in advance I want to apologize if I offend anyone.  My intentions are not to hurt or offend anyone but to speak and seek the truth.  So feel free to comments and your thoughts.  And constructive criticism is always appreciative.  Until next blog…hasta luego.

La Unica Reina