A Case of the Mondays

My alarm was set for 6am this morning, and after snoozing it 5 times I finally woke up frantically in a rush at 6:43am.  I miraculously was able to bathe, brush my teeth, get dressed, put my make-up on, and prepare my lunch all in a records time of 25min.  I jetted out my front door, rushed down the steps (in which I almost fell and broke my neck) ran to my car in a not so cute way, and I did this all in hopes to arrive at work by 7:30am.  The Expressway was clear and smooth sailing, which was perfect for me because it allowed me to be at work at my desk ready to receive calls by 7:29am (damn I’m good).

My shift starts at 7:30am and ends at 4pm.  I only get two 15min breaks and one 1/2hr lunch.  Now I just recently got a temp job doing Customer Service just until I start school next week.  I work in the call center and for those who know the basis of a call center then you know that it is where customer service reps (such as myself) provide a service, via telephone, to the customers and or clients that call in.  The problem I have is that you need customers to actually call in to complain or request assistance or whatever the need that is required so that you can provide the service to them. I only received  3 calls tops the entire day 2 of the 3 averaged out to about 6min each.  The rest of my day was DEAD, BORING, UNPRODUCTIVE, LIFELESS, POINTLESS…you guys get the picture!  That can drive any logically sane and normal human being into the insane asylum for real.  Seriously people…I am almost checked myself in today.  I had so much dead time that, believe it or not, I actually wrote this blog down on paper then typed it in deleted it and then typed it in again…I know people I know…just another case of the Mondays. So here is what I did today

-Had 3 cups of black coffee just to stay up

-Played 48 games of Hangman

-Played the “You must choose” game

-Played about 15 games of Skee Ball

-A couple of Mad Libs


-Surfed the web

-Web shopping (similiar to window shopping only you do it on the internet)

Forever 21



-Read several cool blogs

-Oh and I answered about a total of 6 calls., but 3 really don’t count since they were transfers.  Not to mention the 3rd and last call was right before my shift ended and it tapped over past 4 o’clock and I was like aint this a @#$@#%@#%!@#…I wait all day for a call and 5 min before I leave I finally get one only to last for 35min…..not cool…not cool at all.

Just another Case of the Mondays

Until Next Time

La Unica Reina

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