Step by Step…

One Small Step for man kind one giant step for Zion Max.  Zion Max is so freakin amazing!  He makes me laugh every chance he gets.  I love his sense of adventure when it comes to things around the house, however, getting him to walk has been a challenge.  He has this “when I’m ready I’m ready’ attitude, and I love that about him.  As many times as I tried to walk with him and then slowly release my hand from his, he refuses to take his first steps.  Instead he would gently lower himself to the ground and then clap his hands as though he accomplished something big.  I, as a mommy, do not discourage anything my babies do, so I did what any Mommy would do and clap and cheered him on.  Because I see it as this, it may not be anything big to us, since we walk all day everything, but for Zion its new, its fresh,  just to be able to stand alone with no support is a huge accomplishment for him!

Now, after weeks of trying My Zion has finally taken his first leap of faith into the unknown world of wabblling and collapsing.  He has been doing great!  And Mommy is sooo Proud.  Enjoy the video of Zion’s first steps…

First steps… from Jesse “fuser” Santoyo on Vimeo.

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