Pieces of the Puzzle

Obscure journeys to the unknown is scary and risky.  Sometimes life and its obstacles can bring uncertainty to an individual. We are fashioned into understanding the concept that if you can see it and touch it then its real in all its essence. But its those risk takers that are willing to believe in something that they cannot yet see but can visualize. The dreamers and visionaries are the ones that take that leap believing that something or someone will catch them.  They wholeheartedly understand that although they can’t see the 1,000 piece puzzle in its in entirety,  they somehow believe that every moment in their life has lead them to the next piece of the puzzle,  leading them to their full composition.

The obscurity of vision at times can be discouraging.  Not understanding or seeing the “Big Picture” can put a strain on anyone’s life, inputting doubt and fear into our lives.  I struggle with this time and time again, but I constantly remind myself that there is purpose in our struggles and trials. In death there is life and in life there is death…(okay I am getting a bit off subject and philosophical) nonetheless, there is truth behind everything.   Whether I will learn something from it today or teach someone about it tomorrow, all of it will eventually make sense.

Don’t give up in spite of your present circumstances.  Keep believing and you will eventually see the pieces of your life come together.

Until Next Time