La Unica Reinalisa

It is the possibilities of yesterday and the hope for tomorrow that keeps me living for today. I Enjoy living with passion, and I also enjoy seeking the source that fuels this passion. I am simple yet extravagant. I believe in the possibilities of open and closed doors that life can convey, defining and shaping our character.   Loving wholeheartedly knowing full well of the possibilities of getting hurt makes living worthwhile for me. I find more power in the  smile of a child believing that it has the power to rejuvenate my soul, and acknowledge how an uncomplicated frown has the weight to strain all my muscles making laughter so much more enjoyable. I breath to rediscover the simplicities of life. I am a dreamer, a designer, a mother, a wife, a friend, an artist, a poet, a worshiper, and an activist. I Live extraordinarily well, so that everything that I am is reflected in everything that I do. With no regrets and in all HIS favor. My life is beautiful this way……………………………….

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