Who Inspires You?

I have learned throughout my years that inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone!  From the sun setting and cascading an array of breathtaking colors across the sky to a smile so genuine and pure that it can ignite and uplift any soul.  I have learned this because not only have I experienced it, I have lived it.

Community is so important to a persons life, it is vital to support and encourage one another for the greater cause .  When we unite and uplift each other we create a chain reaction, causing people to be different, to swim against the current and rise above the waves.

Here are just some of the people that inspire me.

Jesse Santoyo – He is amazing in every way a man can be.  He is a great leader, teacher, father, husband, songwriter, musician, artist, entrepreneur, and friend. He speaks with directness and compassion.  He holds himself with pride but is never prideful, and he loves people and community.  He wants to change the world through the arts.  Jesse sees the world half full and not half empty.  He believes in people, encourages people, and inspires people.  He is my hero…

My boys – Diego Alexander & Zion Max -They are my riot of color in my dreary gray world…They make me laugh, sing, and at time go crazy…lol.  They pour life into my world.  They give me so much to look forward to and then some.  I pray that I can raise them to be the men of God they were called to be…They inspire me to paint, to design, to teach, to laugh when it hurts, and to love unconditionally…I love my boys…

Kelly Johnson –  Not only was this woman my pastora..lol..she is an amazing Mommy.  She devotes her whole life to her 3 children: Kourtney, Mckenna, and Blake.  The creative activities that she comes up with are impressive, and she somehow makes it educational in every way.  Aside from being an amazing mom she is an incredible artist..she bakes and designs some amazing cakes..I post a few so that you may see for yourself.  She inspires me to lead my children with dignity and respect, she (without realizing that she does) helps me to create new ways to teach my boys about God, people and life.

Michelle & Joseph Bulger– I have never met a person such as her.  SHE IS CRAZY! But the most genuine, thoughtful person you will ever meet.  She cares about people, believes in people, and hopes for people.  She too is an incredible mommy, devoted to her children like a mother should.  She is a true friend…she tells me things that I like to hear and things that I don’t like to hear but God knows I need to hear it.  She is a straight shooter, what you see is what you get with her (a rarity in this day and age).  She inspires me to love out loud, never never judge, for you may never know what that individual has gone through or what they are facing, and believe in myself because she believes in me.  A rare friend indeed. Oh and Joseph is cool too….lol

Jennifer Polanco – She has no idea how much she inspires me!  She is an incredible woman.  The most pure at heart.  She is compassionate and a talented artist (although she may not think so) her work speaks for itself.  She is an occupational therapist and pours words of life into people who think that there is no hope for them, and she manages to turn a lifetime of doubt and sorrow into hope and joy.  She gets nervous when she speaks but when she does she speaks life.  She’s smart, devoted, courageous, passionate, and hard-working.  She is beautiful in every way.

Who do you inspire and who inspires you? When we encourage each other we strengthen each other. Love out loud!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…

Until Next Time

La Unica Reina

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